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Two Legs, No Legs or Something Else Entirely?

New post from me at Beyond Sight, where I’m blogging about my adventures as a fledgling medium. Something really fun happened. That’s all I’m sayin’. You can read about it here: Two Legs, No Legs or Something Else Entirely? And … Continue reading

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Scary Good! Ghost Reads for January

Hop over to Beyond Sight Paranormal where I’ve reviewed two great new true accounts of life with ghosts — I’m keeping these on the permanent shelf and both scared me witless… Elizabeth Reviews: Stalked by Spirits and Restless in Peace

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Everyday Para-Normal, Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, our guest poster, Sarah (not her real name) wrote that her lifelong encounters with spirits and ghosts were mostly interesting and often helpful, until recently. Sarah’s habit of “interacting” with spirits seemed to be … Continue reading

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Among Angels and Ghosts — a Guest Post

Very much appreciate a blog friend, K., guest posting today with her personal experiences. As so often happens, her unexpected encounters have left her more intrigued than frightened, and definitely interested in learning more. I have had many strange incidents … Continue reading

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Ghost Town: Elizabeth Reviews “Ghosts In The ‘Ville”

When I decided to review true ghost books, the vast majority of which are written by regular people and not professional authors or paranormal television stars,  I struggled with how to go about it in a fair and even-handed way. … Continue reading

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Residual Hauntings and Poltergeists

Residual Hauntings Don’t look for a floor dedicated to Residual Hauntings and Poltergeists at Afterlife, Inc. any more than you would expect to find an office called “Why Does The Microwave Still Smell Like Popcorn?” Residual hauntings are some of … Continue reading

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The Houseghosts Want In

Yesterday, at precisely 6:10 am, I was dreaming that I was at our office. The Husband had errands he needed me to do, including a trip out to some Civil War antiquities shop in Washington County. There I was supposed … Continue reading

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Speaking of — and to — The Dead

A newsletter I really enjoy called “Mystic Musings,” authored by Joan Newcomb, has an interesting and relevant post today that I think MG blog friends will enjoy, especially since the ghost-demystifying “Dead To The Worlds” series started yesterday. Joan has … Continue reading

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“Such An Odd Stillness”: The Villisca Axe Murder Ghosts, Part 2

Last month I wrote about Villisca, Iowa’s infamous “Axe Murder House” in some detail after the “Ghost Adventures” show profiled it in an episode. The case is fascinating because it is still unsolved some one hundred years later, and like … Continue reading

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New Story! “On The Hunt: Tracking Ghosts In Mobile”

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was flipping through the television channels and came across a promo for a new Ghost Hunters episode filmed in Atlanta…guest starring several members of the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Yes, my friends, … Continue reading

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