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The October Poltergeist, Part Three

What happens after a poltergeist scares you half to death? You try to figure it out. And if you’re lucky, you get to meet him. Click for Parts One and Two of this story, or continue to page down.   … Continue reading

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Great Ghost Hunt at South Alabama!

Wanted to send you over to my pal James Rosier’s new venture — he has a great video presentation up about his ghost investigation at the University of South Alabama, with EVPs, orbs and a fantastic ghost photo.  It’s not super … Continue reading

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Ghostly Spots in Mobile for Visitors

I was asked this weekend if there are any ghost tours in Mobile, and the answer is yes and no. No walking tours that I know of, but I did hear several months ago that a local tour bus company … Continue reading

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“Such An Odd Stillness”: The Villisca Axe Murder Ghosts, Part 2

Last month I wrote about Villisca, Iowa’s infamous “Axe Murder House” in some detail after the “Ghost Adventures” show profiled it in an episode. The case is fascinating because it is still unsolved some one hundred years later, and like … Continue reading

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The Test Tube Supernatural

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my friend Mrs. E., who appears in the story “Two Pine Trees And A Magnolia.” (Link at the bottom of this article, if you’ve not read it.) After years of keeping the events … Continue reading

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Now It’s Like Everything Else: Elizabeth Reviews “Ghost Adventures” in Villisca, Iowa

The Travel Channel will be running a “Ghost Adventures” marathon on Christmas Eve, and that event combined with a recent episode visiting one of my personal fascinations, The Villisca Axe Murder House, means I can no longer go without commenting … Continue reading

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Demon Lover: Elizabeth Reviews Katherine Ramsland’s “Ghost”

I first read Katherine Ramsland’s nonfiction memoir Ghost when it came out in 2001. At that time, ghost hunting was in its infancy, and I was still using a 35mm camera with black and white film to take photos for … Continue reading

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Dear Santa, I Would Like A Chupacabra For Christmas!

As a Bigfoot fan, or at least as a person who believes in the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence, I was delighted to see a big headline out of Louisiana this month trumpeting the photographic proof of a marvelous new monster … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The View From Blakeley

A few weeks ago the blog got a great comment about haunted Blakeley State Park, in response to some photos taken there. I did not want anybody to miss it, so am publishing it today as a guest post by … Continue reading

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True Believer: My Book Review of Ryan Buell’s “Paranormal State”

Paranormal State: My Journey Into The Unknown © 2010, by Ryan Buell and Stefan Petrucha A&E’s “Paranormal State” was never on my radar in the rotation of ghost story and paranormal investigative shows I try not to miss. The packaging … Continue reading

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