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The October Poltergeist, Part 1

(This is a three part blog post about my most frightening experience, and what I learned from it.  I guest posted this for another blog several years ago, but I’m sharing it again this year because it’s still the scariest … Continue reading

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Of Shadow Critters and Traveling Incognito

My new post, about my own encounters with Shadow People and the theory I’ve developed to explain them, is on Beyond Sight’s website here: Shadow Critters and Traveling Incognito …if you would be so kind as to hop on over there…

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A Matter of Gravity: Classically Haunted

..in which I try to answer the question I am most often asked: What’s a ghost? This is how I see it, after years of asking myself that, too. A ghost – a real, classic ghost, not a poltergeist or … Continue reading

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Speaking of — and to — The Dead

A newsletter I really enjoy called “Mystic Musings,” authored by Joan Newcomb, has an interesting and relevant post today that I think MG blog friends will enjoy, especially since the ghost-demystifying “Dead To The Worlds” series started yesterday. Joan has … Continue reading

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