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The Mel Meter, Movies and When Ghosts Get Stuck

Last week I saw a sweet movie titled From Time to Time (you can Netflix it.) Set in WW2 Britain, it’s absolutely appropriate for your tweens, and older ghost enthusiasts will appreciate it, too. Involving but not scary, it could … Continue reading

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Bad Ju-Ju — Demons and Tulpas

…in which I attempt to answer questions about the nature of ghosts and spirits – questions I’m commonly asked. These are theories I’ve developed over all the years I’ve been studying the supernatural. If you come from a religious tradition … Continue reading

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Now It’s Like Everything Else: Elizabeth Reviews “Ghost Adventures” in Villisca, Iowa

The Travel Channel will be running a “Ghost Adventures” marathon on Christmas Eve, and that event combined with a recent episode visiting one of my personal fascinations, The Villisca Axe Murder House, means I can no longer go without commenting … Continue reading

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Speaking of Spirits: The Ouija Board of The Digital Age?

Yesterday, on the first day of location shooting/reconnoitering for our next Mobile Ghosts short film, we decided to test the waters and see if we could capture some ghostly interaction either on film or audio recording. This is a public … Continue reading

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A number of varied topics today, in no particular order. October does that to me. Last night the Production Department and I were catching up on our many episodes of “Ghost Hunters” on the DVR queue. Admittedly, we have not … Continue reading

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