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My October Poltergeist, Part 2

I’m blogging again this week on Beyond Sight Paranormal’s site. It’s part two of my personal poltergeist story, in which our heroine discovers the identity of the noisy spirit… Earlier this week, Beyond Site was holding onto a two week … Continue reading

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My October Poltergeist, Part 1

…a two part account of the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. Click here to go to Beyond Sight’s website to read it. (Look for Part 2 on Friday.) Here’s an excerpt: “Which left me with only one conclusion, as … Continue reading

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Scary Good! Ghost Reads for January

Hop over to Beyond Sight Paranormal where I’ve reviewed two great new true accounts of life with ghosts — I’m keeping these on the permanent shelf and both scared me witless… Elizabeth Reviews: Stalked by Spirits and Restless in Peace

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The Ghost That Wasn’t There

Today I am guest (ghost?) blogging at Beyond Sight Paranormal. Hop over there to read about the ghost I ran into a couple of weeks ago; it was an unexpected encounter at a popular downtown spot, which must remain anonymous … Continue reading

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Ghostly Itinerary: Church Street and The Mobile Carnival Museum

Plenty of folks from around the country are pouring into Mobile for Mardi Gras. Haunted places to visit? The Mardi Gras Museum, for one — and Church Street Graveyard, about which my friend James of Beyond Sight Paranormal has written … Continue reading

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Beyond Sight’s Public Ghost Hunt

My friends at Beyond Sight Paranormal are hoping to arrange a “win win” public ghost hunt at a public (and very haunted) location in the Mobile area. This place has lost some funding, and a two-night ghost hunt would benefit … Continue reading

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Happy Little Orbs (and E’s Tips for How to Find Some)

  Last month I got a slew of orb photos from blog friends, and I’ve been waiting to post them. (Thanks, y’all!) It’s a great time to talk about orbs, because people will be getting together for the holidays and … Continue reading

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Recap! Teen Ghost Hunt in Fairhope

“Wow!” we all said yesterday evening, as we pulled up to the Fairhope Public Library after some pre-event recon down at the Colony Cemetery.  I was there with James Rosier and two members of his Beyond Sight Paranormal Studies team, … Continue reading

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Supernatural Summer for Teens Courtesy F’Hope Library

The Fairhope Public Library is going all spooky for their teen program this summer, which looks wonderful: …and they have invited me to come hang out on June 13th, which is officially Ghost Hunt night. I’ll be co-hunting with James … Continue reading

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