Ghostly Mobile in Pictures!


 Click right here for a wonderful, spooky article from photojournalist Sharon Steinmann!

Sharon toured some of our ghostly locations, took gorgeous photos and filed this for, which also features special ghost star, Mobile Ghosts blog favorite pal,  the great James Rosier… great job!




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Ghostly Family Fun at Gulf Shores!

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Man of the House — A True Ghost Story

My friend Mrs. B. sent me this wonderful account of the years she and her family shared a house with at least one of the previous…and unseen… owners. The B family’s experiences perfectly capture the everyday weirdness of living with a spirit presence. (Thanks for being our guest/ghost poster, Mrs. B!)  Please note the photos in this story are just for illustration; they are not photos of the house, or of TJ the Dog.)


My husband and I bought a house in 2006. We knew that the owner had drowned in the swimming pool but didn’t think much about it. After talking with our neighbors, the story was that he had been dropped off because he had too much to drink, and he stumbled into the pool and drowned.

The house was built in 1962, by his wife who was married to her first husband. Her husband and her disabled son passed away from natural causes. She then remarried. After she passed away, (the owner) remarried and then drowned. The home stayed in the family and never was sold until the 2nd husband passed away.

The den was an enclosed garage which had a second story above it with a bedroom and bathroom. My 17 year old daughter lived upstairs. Not long after we moved in, one morning she asked me if I had came up the stairs last night into her room. I told her no, I didn’t.

She said she was in bed, but not yet asleep and heard footsteps coming up and her door opening. She waited for me to say something but I never did.

I told her it was probably one of the previous owners. They loved their home, and I could understand them visiting still. She said she didn’t have any bad feelings in her room — only good feelings — so she wasn’t scared.

After she went off the college, my 11 year old son moved into the room. He stayed one night and moved back downstairs.

He didn’t want to talk about it.

My sister came to stay with us for a while and she moved into the room upstairs. After her second night, we were having coffee the next morning on the back porch and she asked me if I “…came into her room last night?” I laughed.

She said, “Why are you laughing?” I told her the story of the “upstairs room.” She stayed, and didn’t let it bother her. She said as long as they didn’t mess with her, she would live with them.

Whenever myself or my husband was alone in the home, we would hear the back door (going to the pool) open and close all the time. He thought it was me coming in and I thought it was him coming in….but it never was.

One day around noon, I was in our bedroom folding clothes with the door closed. I kept the door closed to keep our Jack Russell, TJ, from roaming the house. There was a long hallway from kitchen to our bedroom.

I heard a man talking, walking down the hall towards our bedroom. TJ heard him and stared at the door.

I told TJ that daddy must have come home from work for lunch as I continued to fold the clothes and TJ continued staring at the door, with his head turning in a confused state. Then I didn’t hear him anymore and he never came in the room.

So me and TJ went to the back door… it was locked and my husband’s car wasn’t in the drive. I called my husband on the phone, and asked him why did he come home and then leave again? He said that he was at work and hadn’t left.

We continued to hear things, but we never had an uneasy feeling about any of it. We knew that the family loved their home therefore they must be still hanging around. We moved out of the house in 2011.

We often talk about our experiences and wonder if the new owners have met the past owners yet?



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Alabama Ghost Story Authors

There are several great books on Alabama hauntings in the History Press line!

I was surprised and pleased to see this advertisement in Alabama Living for History Press’s Alabama authors! In my opinion, it’s all due to author and ghost investigator Faith Serafin’s efforts to support us on Facebook. (Visit the Alabama Paranormal Research Team’s FB page here.)

You can find more on Faith’s book, Haunted Montgomery  and more great books on Alabama ghosts on the Haunted Alabama Authors Facebook page! 

BTW, I’ve got two signings lined up for October, at the Spanish Fort (Oct. 12, 1 – 3) and Bel Air Mall (Oct. 26, 1 – 3) BAM locations.  

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Elizabeth Reading Cards at the Fundraiser Ghost Hunt at the Richards-DAR House!

The wonderful Richards-DAR House.

This past weekend I was delighted to be invited to participate in the  Delta Paranormal Project’s fundraiser at the Richards-DAR House in Mobile on September 14!  (Or see the flyer image at the bottom of this post. Please contact them directly for any extra details and info!)

The Ghost Hunt will raise money for the house, DPP’s Alabama Chapter here in Mobile, and Kidney Cancer research.

I’ve written about the Richards-DAR House extensively, and it is one of my favorites.  I’ve also worked with the DPP folks as team medium on a ghost investigation last year — a long, interesting night indeed!

In my other life, I am a Tarot consultant. I’ll be reading for attendees at no

Actual illustration of Elizabeth with her pet falcon. (Not really. It’s the 9 of Pentacles.)

charge to help support the fundraiser, and at the end of the night I’m donating half of whatever is in my tip jar to the effort.

Please come out and support the beautiful Richards-DAR House, DPP and the Kidney Cancer Association. I think it will be a fun night and I would love to meet you! If you have any of my books, bring them and I will sign them for you, if you would like.

Page down for the flyer with info.

Hope to see you there — Elizabeth

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Summer Ghost Fun in Mobile, Aug 3, 2013

If you live in the Mobile area, join up with my friend and respected veteran ghost hunter James Rosier for some fun at the Hank Aaron Stadium!

The link above should take you to the FB page for the event, but here is the link to a post about it on James’ site, too: Ghost Hunt At the Hank.

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A Ghost In the Family (A Guest Post)

A great guest post for you – a firsthand account from Christa of a family home with a very active haunting in the Dauphin Island Parkway area.  

My grandmother has owned a home just off of Dauphin Island Parkway for several decades now. She and my grandfather were the home’s very first live-ins, but the home is, without a doubt in my mind, mysteriously haunted by a young woman we do not totally believe to be of any family or friendly relation.

Both my mother and my grandmother have witnessed the presence of a ghostly young woman dressed in a solid white dress (believed to be a nightgown) who was, each time, either standing or sitting at the foot of their beds.

Their encounters only make me feel more secure in mine. I have had more than one firsthand experience with her, and, quite frankly, I believe she’s lovely. The first time I was about seventeen years old (the same age my mother was when she initially encountered her.)

I was sitting on my grandmother’s sofa late one night while I watched my cousins play some kind of video game. I looked away from the screen for a moment, and there she was, standing at the end of the hallway with her hand resting on the wall that connects to the living room and kitchen. I could only see her face and two arms, a shoulder, and the very bottom of her dress, and she had somewhat of a translucent look to her.

She had a blissful, daydreamy look on her face and didn’t seem to notice me at all, but actually seemed to be watching my cousins enjoying themselves. Then, as quickly as I registered all of this, she turned into the kitchen and was gone. I wasn’t startled or afraid in any way. Her presence seemed natural…so natural, in fact, I didn’t even bother to mention it until a few days later.

The second instance of paranormal activity in the home was a little bit more troubling for me. I was scared out of my mind, actually.

It was a couple of months later, early afternoon. I was using my grandmother’s bathroom mirror and had the door open. It opens into the back of her very long, very eerie hallway. There are a couple of young men who have always refused to walk down it. It has a way of making your hairs stand on end.

But anyway, I wasn’t thinking of that at the time. As I turned to exit the bathroom, I heard what sounded like a pair of running feet go tearing right past me and all the way down the hall. I jumped back from being startled, and immediately after the sound stopped, what looked like a tall, thin pillar of smoke or mist flew past me down the hall so fast that I could feel the wind from it on my face.

Spirit activity is so often “smoke” like, investigators usually prohibit their teams from smoking cigarettes so it’s not mistaken on film for evidence.

I was so scared, I couldn’t think of anything else to do but tear down the hallway myself and lunge onto the couch. I was hysterical when I told my grandmother what happened, and she very calmly informed me that a pillar of smoke does occasionally wander down her hall in the early afternoon.

Apparently, she doesn’t find it troubling at all.

During my first year of college, I decided to speak to the woman I’d seen; or at least to whatever spirit I always felt watched me while I would clean my grandmother’s house. I was doing the bathroom one morning, and a shampoo bottle on the tub started vibrating and then stopped. I’d felt the presence all morning and decided that was an invitation to communicate. (I guess just because I wanted to interpret it as such. I’m not sure it was.)

When I said, “Did you move a shampoo bottle?” (like all the cheesy paranormal investigators on television,) no one responded. So I said, “Look, I know you watch me. I have never minded it. But I think I should talk to you. And in all these years, no one has ever tried to talk to you. And I’ll talk to you again sometime if you want to respond now. Just do, I don’t know, anything.”

And right then, that same big, tall pillar rose up in front of me and flew out of the bathroom door and out into the hallway. This time I’d decided the spirit wasn’t scary, and I was instead relieved to know I could trust my gut to tell me when something was close to me.

The last time I stayed the night there, which has been in the last few months, I saw the shadow of the woman I first mentioned make its way down the hall in the middle of the night. This time it felt a bit eerie but I suppose it was just the timing. She seems perfectly aware of where she is, who we are, and what is going on, and she has never seemed at all threatening to anyone.

Why this woman has chosen to settle down in my grandmother’s home is beyond me, but she’s received a warm welcome thus far. My grandmother’s house is made of bricks from the rubble of the Chicago fire all those years ago, so perhaps she’s connected to that. Maybe she’s connected to the land because of the battle of Mobile Bay during the Civil War. Perhaps she’s family. Or maybe she’s just been drawn there by something I don’t know or understand.

The story is a bit long, but I feel like not telling it would rush her into becoming a piece of history no one knows anymore. I’ve had encounters with the paranormal since I was little, both frightening and calm, and I never tell these things simply as campfire ghost stories.

The personal connection I feel with spirits is similar to the connection I feel with other living people. Combine that with my love for stories and telling stories and writing and preserving them and you get this post!

Many thanks to Christa for sharing her family’s story with us. I think a lot of us share her sentiments exactly. 


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Fort Gaines, Long Time Haunted! (A Guest Post)

Actual sketch of Elizabeth Parker, still upset about DSP this morning at breakfast.

Last night I wasted half an hour on the new show “Deep South Paranormal.” It’s the same old schlock, pandering to the corporate cable fixation with southern characters who have beards and keep gators. Because, of course, this is a true picture of the South!

If you spent your time similarly and feel let down and slightly regretful this morning, I offer a wonderful guest post that was submitted to the blog as a comment. I didn’t want this personal experience to get lost in the comments section of the Dauphin Island post.

Guest poster Mark may, or may not, be bearded and/or have a gator. I don’t know. But I do love his genuine experience, which is still clear in his mind many years later:

“My parents lived in Mobile during the fifties. In 1960 my father was transferred further north. I was born, and there began years of teasing by my older brother “because I wasn’t born on the Gulf Coast.” Apparently there was nobility in having been born there and I did feel like the stepchild for years to come.

“For the next twenty or so years, my family continued to camp on the island until a

Historic Fort Gaines (credit:

hurricane knocked the bridge out in ’79.  Along about 1971 or ’72, I was 12 or so years old and had begun to experiment with cigarette smoking. Myself and two friends rode our bikes to the fort in order to hang out and indulge in our new found forbidden activity.

“For those familiar with the fort, the main entrance has — or did at the time — a cobblestone or brick walkway leading to the main iron double gates. When the fort was open, you would walk through the gates down an arched corridor, turn left, and pay the entrance fee at the office/gift shop.

“Well, it was after nine o’clock in the evening, and the fort had long since closed for the day. The gates were chained and padlocked as I recall. There were no cars in the parking area out front. In fact, there was dead silence on the entire east end of the island. My two friends and I had been on the entrance walkway for some time, long enough to have a few smokes as we had to get our fill prior to returning to the campground. We were laughing and joking, sitting on the entrance walk, maybe 10 feet from the gate.

“Suddenly, we all looked down the arched corridor and each of us saw the same thing: a 100 plus year old soldier, staring up the corridor right back at us.

“We all froze for a couple of seconds, wondering if we were actually seeing what was most certainly there. It was dark down the corridor, and the figure had a bit of an apparitional appearance, but mostly looked like a silhouette. At any rate, definitely an old soldier. There was nothing threatening about him, but I, we, all felt an other worldly chill the likes of which I’d never felt before or since.

“After our two second pause, we all simultaneously freaked out, jumped on our bikes and didn’t stop pedaling until we’d reached the campground.

Long time to wait for a smoke.

“Over forty years later, I still look back convinced of one or two things. One, we saw a ghost, or two, a gift shop employee stayed way after hours, dressed in a civil war uniform, in order to scare three kids whom he didn’t know would be riding their bikes there to sneak a few smokes. I decided then and still believe that I shall not visit Fort Gaines either alone or after dark.”

Many thanks to Mark for sharing his personal experience, which is a thousand times better than the manufactured drama and histrionics that pass for paranormal “reality” television. A number of my friends who have investigated Fort Gaines will agree with him — alone, after dark, broad daylight — plenty of ghosts still on duty!

Editorial comment: Back in the day, we rode bikes without helmets anywhere we wanted and did not have to go home until the streetlights came on.



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Great Ghost Hunt at South Alabama!

Wanted to send you over to my pal James Rosier’s new venture — he has a great video presentation up about his ghost investigation at the University of South Alabama, with EVPs, orbs and a fantastic ghost photo.  It’s not super long and you’ll enjoy how James presents his findings; the best stuff put together simply and coherently. No filler or babble, just the evidence. Enjoy!

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Ghostly Spots in Mobile for Visitors

I was asked this weekend if there are any ghost tours in Mobile, and the answer is yes and no. No walking tours that I know of, but I did hear several months ago that a local tour bus company was seeking actors for their ghost tour. Long ago, a representative of the company told me someone narrated for the bus passengers, directing their attention outside where costumed actors replayed scenes from Mobile’s ghostly history.

For the sake of entertainment, liberties were taken to fill in where no ghost stories could actually be found along the route, to make sure everybody had a great time and got their money’s worth. If you want to have lighthearted ghostly fun, you can Google it and see if this tour is available.

But don’t despair if you were looking for a more hands-on opportunity — there are many reportedly haunted places in Mobile that are open to the public, if you are up to creating a self-directed tour. I’ve written about most of them, and the docents or tour guides will talk about them if current management policy allows.

In particular, the nice people at the Richards-DAR House, Fort Conde and the Mobile

The wonderful Richards-DAR House.

Carnival Museum have been very open to ghost investigators and have embraced the buildings’ ghostly tales.

And either beach, Gulf Shores or Dauphin Island, feature forts that have long haunted histories. Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island was even featured on an episode of MTV’s show “Fear” and has a big fat chapter in the book by the same name: FEAR: A Ghosthunter’s Story.

The historic Church Street Graveyard has yielded ghost photos, audio and physical events in broad daylight, and Magnolia Cemetery has plenty of ghostly atmosphere.

Blakeley, where soldiers and settlers still roam around.

And if you like to camp, you can’t skip Blakeley Historic Park, which is a haunted Civil War battleground. It is very, very haunted.

A few years ago, I was in charge of creating a walking ghost tour for a one night at the Malaga Inn, on a Murder Mystery Weekend event. Mobile Mystery Dinner’s Virginia McKean and I literally banged on every door within reasonable walking distance, and got lots of startled looks but no new stories.

I ultimately went from the marvelously haunted Malaga Inn (see our Youtube film on the right side of this blog’s homepage) down to the Phoenix Fire Museum, talked about Fort Conde and the history of the town a little, and ended up at the Carnival Museum. That’s a lovely walk if the weather is nice, and all of these stories are in my book, Haunted Mobile: Apparitions of The Azalea City  or on this blog in free PDF files (True Stories From Elizabeth’s Files) or blog posts, if you use the search feature.

Ghost tours or not, there is still plenty to experience and enjoy on very, very haunted Mobile Bay, where our doors are always open.


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