Places to Investigate Around Mobile Bay

Church Street is open to the public at certain times.

No shortage of places to investigate in the Mobile area — though I would remind you that the majority of sites listed are private property. You must ask for permission to investigate from the owners or administrators. Public places like Church Street Graveyard (for example) have hours of operation, and if you visit them, you must obey all laws and respect the property.

Angels at Magnolia Cemetery, watching the ghosts float by.

Public places to visit include Church Street Graveyard or Magnolia Cemetery, the former being “hotter” to me than the latter; though there is a great story about Magnolia Cemetery — I did not experience this firsthand, but a trusted source told me about a family who lived for years across from Magnolia on the side entrance. The lady of the house saw, more than once, the spectral procession of a horse-drawn funeral carriage with mourners walking behind. A classic example of an oft-repeated event, saturated with emotion, impressed into the energy field of a location. It’s reported that this haunting, seen for years by residents, stopped at the time the cemetery padlocked the gates to the back entrance. This was allegedly the “blacks only” entrance of another era, and the mourners seen in this vision are African-American.

The wonderful Richards-DAR House


Oakleigh is extremely haunted, speaking from my own perceptions and experience, and have many times invited investigative groups in to study the phenomenon, as has the Richards-DAR House. I’ve written about both in some detail.

The Mobile Carnival Museum has an active ghost that

Mobile Carnival Museum, always worth a visit.

seems to be a mischievous little boy. He keeps them on their toes!

Folks at Fort Conde are consistently reticent to about ghosts and hauntings at the Fort, though a long-time, trusted employee was allowed to tell me about his experiences. He and other staffers have been downstairs in the gift shop and heard, above them in the administrative offices, plenty of banging around and noise when the area was empty. Enough noise and commotion that they felt compelled to check on it — and never found a thing. Another staffer there told me, “Stick a voice activated tape recorder in one of these buildings and let it run all night, and then listen to it. Just listen.” He did not elaborate. Hmm. At the time of this writing, poor Fort Conde is on survival rations from the city, and may or may not be fully open to tour. Call first.

HABS photo of Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island is openly, gloriously, unabashedly haunted, thought I think they have decided to bask off of investigations currently. Investigator friends have told me that this is a fantastic place to investigate with no lack of personal experiences!

Wonderful to visit, consistently unhaunted, is the Museum of Mobile, which would love to be haunted but so far can’t point to anything definite.

Blakeley Historic ParkĀ on Hwy 225 in Spanish Fort is mad haunted. If the weather is nice, and you can camp out, take your cameras and gizmos. People consistently get evidence up there and have encounters.


The USS Battleship Alabama officially claims to be unhaunted, and current policy at the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is that ghosts are not a subject for discussion.

When I was researching in the early days, Fort Morgan had a similar policy, though a staffer who lived on the property told me of his experiences in the officer’s quarters, where sounds were heard and things were moved…things may have changed, though, and I do not know their current position on ghosts. But please respect the decision of the USS Battleship Alabama and the Bragg-Mitchell on these matters; you can certainly still go tour both places and my books have extensive info on past reported hauntings at the Bragg. Go have a look around and see what you think.

8 Responses to Places to Investigate Around Mobile Bay

  1. ashley says:

    As a native Mobilian, I’ve always had a deep interest in legends/history/hauntings here in our city, as well as my daughter has. Please advise how I can become more aware of things to know/do here. I have had a strange experienc in Church street Cementary a few years back, which led me to wonder how I can learn/investigate more. Thanks for any info. I hope to hear from you.

    • Elizabeth says:

      There are fewer groups investigating now than in years past, but I think this is because there is more info about how to do it — and it’s easier to do with a couple of friends, honestly. If you put the word out about your interest in this subject, you will likely connect with others who share your interest. In the meantime, the wealth of info online and in books about ghost investigating is there for the taking, and places like Church Street cemetery are open to the public. I’ve had several experiences there in broad daylight. So — my advice is to find a pal and just get out there. That is how I started, literally — just asking around and doing it.

  2. DJ Luker says:

    Am interested in info and meeting other people who think like I do

  3. hazel graham says:

    I need to know how muder my father back in 1997 before I leave this life because I live with the thought of him calling me about 6 times the night that he was taken fr om this life please help he if you can, I live in Niagara Falls, N.Y and the town is so small that I can’t belive that no one does not know who did it so if you can help please help I need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi, Hazel, if you can find a metaphysical or new age bookstore in your town, or a Unity church, they would be a good source of help in finding a medium locally. I think your best bet is to be able to sit down with someone in person and let them try to put you in touch with your father. e.

  4. jennie says:

    I would like to talk to you about a tour.

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