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Haunted Mobile by Elizabeth Parker

Haunted Mobile  is available locally from Bienville Books, the gift shops at the Museum of Mobile and the Mobile Carnival Museum, Barnes and Noble, or order it from Amazon.  It’s a compilation of the specifically haunted houses from the Mobile Ghosts books. It has an entirely new story about The Mobile Carnival Museum, and some updates.

Recommended Reading for Ghost Fans

It’s not possible to list all the books I admire in this field, and I have read so many that I am surely leaving some fantastic titles out of this list — but here are some of my absolute favorites.


Mark Nesbitt’s Gettysburg series

Jim Longo’s Haunted Odyssey I & II

Chris Woodyard’s Haunted Ohio series

Beth Scott and Michael Norman’s series

Richard Winer and Nancy O. Ishmael’s classic Haunted Houses and More Haunted Houses

Blue Balliett’s Nantucket series

Holly Nadler’s Cape Cod series

Hans Holzer’s gigantic Ghosts  which is a compilation of most or all of his work

Ursula Bielski’s Chicago Haunts

Margaret Wayt Debolt’s Savannah Specters

Leslie Rule’s Coast to Coast Ghosts

Sylvia Booth Hubbard’s Ghosts! Personal Accounts of Modern Mississippi Hauntings

Victor Klein’s New Orleans Ghosts

Antoinette May’s Haunted Houses of California

Katherine Ramsland’s Ghost

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