Happy Hallowe’en! Here’s a bite-sized ghostly treat

hotel stairsAs suspected, there are several haunted hotels in Mobile. This year I interviewed a former staffer of one, for the next book, who felt from personal experience that the place was indeed resoundingly haunted.

My favorite event from this employee’s time there was even captured on tape.

One night the staff noticed, on a security monitor feed, a guard standing in an upstairs hallway talking to herself. Or rather, talking quite intently to a space a few feet ahead of her. The conversation went on for some time.

Later she came down and reported that she’d really had to give those little boys upstairs a real scolding, as they were playing in the stairwell and making a big ruckus! She read them the riot act before they scampered off.

They showed her the tape.

I’m told they still have it.

Happy Hallowe’en, everybody!



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