The October Poltergeist, Part 2

This is a recounting of the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. It is a true story. You can read Part One of the story here, if you haven’t already, or scroll down this page to the post. Part Three will be posted on Monday, October 26.


Curtains Blowing in the Wind, (c) Molloy Photography

Curtains Blowing in the Wind,               (c) Molloy Photography

I was so scared I remember what happened next the way you remember a car accident – blurred, without a sense of time.

A slam, as if something had smacked the bedroom wall, startled me. Half asleep, I tried to collect my thoughts. Then some very loud bangs. Silence. I absolutely froze.

The silence was not a relief, because it was literally so bizarrely quiet that I could not even hear the fridge humming, the heater clicking, or the dishwasher swishing away in the kitchen. All the ambient noise of the house was absent. It was like an air lock, or vacuum, no normal sound could penetrate.

Frantic, I thought, “That must have been outside.”

But I realized our dog, who (and I am not making this up) will bark at the wind, was not making a peep. So if nothing was happening outside, it also meant that nobody was trying to break into my house (with a sledge hammer.)

Which left me with only one conclusion, as I listened to the little spring in the doorknob on my bedroom door slowly, slowly tighten up with a tiny grate and few pings – whatever was going on, it was not part of the physical world.

Silence again. “Okay,” I thought. “I’ve figured it out. So now it will stop.” I pulled the covers up higher, closed my eyes, and tried to calm my breathing.

And then, BAM! A sound louder than anything I have ever heard blasted through my room, sounding all the world as if a car had just driven down the driveway at full speed and into the wall of the bedroom. Without any conscious thought, I realized I was sitting straight up in bed, and somebody was shrieking.

It was me.

“Stop, stop!” I wailed. “You’re not allowed to do this!” At the same time, I lurched toward the bedside table, grabbed the lamp, and snapped it on.

Nothing was out of place and the bedroom door was still shut.doorknob

But it seemed to me that I could feel it coiling, tightening, rearing back to strike with another noise as soon as I dropped my guard. It was absolutely terrifying, the most scared I have ever been in my life.

I grabbed the remote and turned on the television, so I would not feel alone. The perky people on the set chattered away, and the heavily expectant feeling in the room began to recede.

“I wish the cats were in here with me,” I whimpered to myself, but I was so frightened I would not leave the bed even to go to the door, crack it and call for them. I slept the rest of the night with the light and the television on, and will confess that I did that for the next night, and the next.

The Weather Channel, on low volume, was perfect for deflecting any further activity.


The conclusion of this three part post will be up Monday, October 26.

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