The October Poltergeist, Part 1

(This is a three part blog post about my most frightening experience, and what I learned from it.  I guest posted this for another blog several years ago, but I’m sharing it again this year because it’s still the scariest thing that ever happened to me! Look for Part 2 on Friday the 23, and the conclusion on Monday the 26th.)

closet doorsUneasy, uncomfortable, unnerved and sometimes sick to my stomach, I can still count the times I’ve been truly frightened of the paranormal on one hand.

When I opened a closet door in a very haunted Mobile home and a wary spirit bolted out of there, literally ran through me, I was more startled than anything.  It was broad daylight, I was not alone, and there was a physical reaction in my body that I could analyze.

A ghost grabbed me by the leg on another occasion, and I leapt from my chair because it scared me witless. Also in the daytime, also with people there. Unlike the closet ghost that just wanted to get away, this spirit was determined to get my attention!

I’ve seen more ghosts in the daylight hours than after dark, so it was a huge and unwelcome surprise one October when poltergeist phenomenon manifested for several nights in my house, and caused me to question whether or not I was even cut out for this work.

Halfway into the month, I unexpectedly found myself completely home alone in the days leading up to Hallowe’en. Things were okay, initially, and I’m used to unexplained bumps, thumps, boots on the staircase and spirit activity in the house.

I didn’t think much of it when I began to hear these things at night, or when the cats would alert and follow something with their gaze. “Lots going on tonight,” I would smile wisely, while the dog growled at nothing I could see in the darkened dining room, “The veil is thin.”  And I’d feel myself very serene and witchy from my spot in front of the television, watching reruns of “Dead Files” and eating out of a box of Cheezits for dinner.

The night the commotion really started, I’d turned in as usual. A soft bang sounded from somewhere in the house. “Squirrels in the attic,” I reasoned. It happened again.

“Oh man,” I groaned. “I have to check. Must. Protect. House.”

Down a Dark Hallway (c) Jen Gallardo

Down a Dark Hallway
(c) Jen Gallardo

Still half asleep, I crept to the door and poked my head out into the hallway. (Reflexively, I also snapped on the hallway light, effectively blinding myself. Not recommended.)

Because everything looked fine, and the cats were dozing without complaint – and because I was still pretty unnerved – I retreated back to the bedroom, and under the covers.

Then some clicks in the bathroom brought me fully wide awake. I stared at the ceiling, tense as a bowstring.

Then a sharp knock. In the bedroom.

I turned on the light and grabbed a book. A few hours later, too sleepy to stay awake, I closed the book and had an undisturbed night. In the morning light I put it down as a one-time thing.

But the minute I began to doze off the following evening, all hell broke loose.


Part 2 of this story will be posted Friday the 23. 

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