New Ghost Tour for Mobile!

Christmas is a wonderfully spooky time of year, as Ebeneezer can attest.

If you’re making plans for a busy December holiday season — especially for family gatherings or people visiting from out of town — you’ll be happy to know that Mobile has a new paranormal option.

Spirit Expeditions has added Mobile to its roster of haunted historic tours. They offer a two hour walking tour with stops along the way for photography and deploying ghost hunting devices.

Church Street Graveyard, the Fort, Bienville Square — Spirit Expeditions invites you to get up close and personal with any lingering spirits in our very haunted, historic downtown area.  Your tour host is Tom Rouse, musician, author, investigator and skeptical ghost enthusiast.

Find out more by visiting the website (linked above) or give Tom a call at 1-855-99GHOST. 

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