Black Is The New Black (In Orbs, That Is)

“Yes, I said black.” (Actual photo of Elizabeth Parker)

A year ago when we were renovating the building that would soon become our new office, a lot of my decorating dilemmas were resolved with the cautious suggestion that black might be a great color choice. Eventually this advanced to me flinging my arms wide and directing, “Black! Just paint it black!” and the husband replying, “Black? Black? Is that your answer to everything?”

Yes. Yes, it often is.

I think black is a fantastic color and I lean toward it more and more. Wouldn’t have touched it years ago, because it scared me a little in its starkness. But now I look at black and I see grounding, soothing, deep richness that both cloaks and reveals, provides authority, and pushes itself forward through colors less dense.

Black is a serious vibration and we need to stop being so superficial and all participation-trophy about it.

The first ghost I ever saw, as a child, was black. So was the next one. Both would popularly be called “Shadow People” now, and I’ve continued to see them. The last one, in fact, was just a few months ago. If you’ve not seen one, don’t think “shadow.” You can see through shadows, and shadows usually have blurry edges. These forms have distinct, crisp edges and are too dense to see through. They’re solid black, like an outline colored in with a Sharpie.

And that’s why I think people freak out; we’ve been trained to react to the absence of light as threatening, because we can’t see danger. It’s going outside the circle of the campfire where a lion might grab you and drag you off, dark at the top of the stairs, the crumbling drop off of a cliff’s edge in the darkness.

So what is, to me, simply one of the numerous ways ghosts or spirits manifest (depending on factors about which I haven’t got a clue,) is to others a sure sign of a dangerous and malevolent presence.

Especially to others who appear regularly on television. Shadow People make great television.

So add to this the little discussed phenomenon of black orbs. Unlike shiny, illuminated “white” orbs that appear so often on film, black orbs are more likely to be seen by the naked eye.

Because this is a self-reported experience and rarely supported by a photo or piece of video, black orbs have escaped the reflexive urge to call them negative, just because they are black. By and large, negative comments about black orbs come from people who have not experienced them, but have been asked to speculate on what they might be. Those that have seen them report just the opposite – that they felt intrigued and amazed, but not threatened.

When I saw the black orbs, I was with family at a death bed vigil. A handful of us had crashed in the living room, exhausted but unable to sleep. The house was dark but all the lights were not off; we could see clearly. It was after midnight.

The television was on but it was impossible to concentrate. I realized that something was moving around in the air and I watched what can only be described as dozens and dozens of tiny black orbs flew around exactly like a flock of birds in formation. They completely hung together and swooped and swirled around, seeming to fly in and out of the chimney. What I was seeing was confirmed by another astounded adult in the room.

We watched them for a really long time, or at least it seemed to be a long time. These tiny little orbs, all flying around the room, changing direction on a dime to zip around up to the ceiling; then a plunge toward the hearth, then at the last minute pull up, pull up! And swish they’d go, back up.

It was amazing. Those orbs appeared to be intelligent in their movement, and it looked like they were having a great time. It certainly felt like it, to me. There was no menace, no threat, no fear. There was a sense of expectation and excitement. And then they were gone.

I had never heard another mention of black orbs until someone asked about them in a posting the other day, and reminded me. My internet scouring has turned up references to them only in the last four or so years, and they are considered rare. A few report seeing them as I did, in a massive formation while more people seem to see them as a single, bigger orb or just a handful at a time.

All report them as seeming to be intelligent, friendly, responsive and seen by the naked eye at the time they appear.

I don’t know what the black orbs signify, but I like very much that people have been forced to rely on how they feel when the orbs appear – rather than submitting a photo and getting a knee-jerk group consensus that anything black, in the pop-paranormal world, is demonic.

It’s great to be able to talk about the supernatural, unlike when I was first writing my ghost books and the subject matter got me lots of side-eye stares and derisive comments.

But those of us who love this stuff have to be careful that mainstreaming does not also mean dumbing down for the easy answer, the quick trip around the internet and the perfect length for a thirty minute paranormal television show minus commercials.

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3 Responses to Black Is The New Black (In Orbs, That Is)

  1. James Rosier says:

    Loved this post also! This is fascinating in that Nelson Bond suggested in his piece “The Monsters from Nowhere” that if we were to encounter beings from the fourth spatial dimensions then it is thinkiable that they would appear as black blobs changing form with each passing second and disappearing as mysteriously as they had appeared. This is in agreement with mathematican Charles Howard Hinton’s postulations that state we can only see a cross-section of a four dimension thing from a three dimensional perspective. It would be as if you were to dip the tip of your finger into a fishbowl. The fish below the surface will only see the fingertip from nowhere. Remove it and the orb vanishes!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks, Beyond Sight Paranormal! You guys bring alot of thought and science-smarts to the work you do in Mobile and I appreciate you adding to the discussion — the black orbs don’t get alot of attention, yet they are pretty freakin’ amazing…e.

  2. Loved the post aboght black orbs my wife and my self do paranormal Investigations and have actual cuaght a black orb on film as the film progress it inlarges to a round shadow well thought we would share take care and happy hunting

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