A New Ghost Book About Baldwin County

Haunted BaldwinJust in time for Halloween, ghost fans in Alabama and along the Gulf Coast will be delighted with Haunted Baldwin County by Harriet Outlaw. Available in paperback or Kindle!

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Changes for Mobile Ghosts!

"I haven't updated my status on FB in, like, forty five minutes or something." "Heavens!"

“I haven’t updated my status on FB in, like, forty five minutes or something.”

Blogging. Is very 2010. Let’s do something better/easier/more fun.

Mobile Ghosts and Haunted Mobile have a new FB page — just for ghosts, Mobile’s haunted events and the odd things that have happened to me while working on the ghost books, the blog or when I’m out and about helping people with ghost situations.

Click over and see for yourself!


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True Experience at the Battle House Hotel

Today a comment was submitted about a true Battle House Hotel experience, and I did not want anybody to miss it — here it is as a guest post, with thanks to Serena for sharing it with us!

The majestic Battle House Hotel in downtown Mobile is long rumored to be haunted.

The majestic Battle House Hotel in downtown Mobile is long rumored to be haunted.

“I stayed at the Battle House Hotel a couple of years ago, and had a rather chilling experience myself!

I was with a couple of friends and everyone had been drinking, so went to bed pretty quickly and slept through the night. Everyone went to eat breakfast early that morning, but I stayed in bed. When I woke up around 10, everyone was still gone. I laid there but noticed I was hearing something in the bathroom. Somehow it clicked in my mind that the water was running. The sound stopped, but then it started up again. I was completely startled and just ready to get out the room,  after sitting there stunned trying to figure out if I was really hearing the water running.

It was one of those things where you know you are really hearing physical vibrations, not just conjuring something up in your head (especially since I wasn’t scared the night before; why would I be on edge when I woke up in the morning.) Anyways, after reasoning with myself I decided I was too spooked to stay in the room, got dressed quickly, and fled that hotel room to wait for my friends!”

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New Ghost Tour for Mobile!

Christmas is a wonderfully spooky time of year, as Ebeneezer can attest.

If you’re making plans for a busy December holiday season — especially for family gatherings or people visiting from out of town — you’ll be happy to know that Mobile has a new paranormal option.

Spirit Expeditions has added Mobile to its roster of haunted historic tours. They offer a two hour walking tour with stops along the way for photography and deploying ghost hunting devices.

Church Street Graveyard, the Fort, Bienville Square — Spirit Expeditions invites you to get up close and personal with any lingering spirits in our very haunted, historic downtown area.  Your tour host is Tom Rouse, musician, author, investigator and skeptical ghost enthusiast.

Find out more by visiting the website (linked above) or give Tom a call at 1-855-99GHOST. 

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BAM 11-16-13 Signing Cancelled. By BAM.

I am currently NOT at the Spanish Fort Books-A-Million. I am really sorry if this causes anyone any hassle or inconvenience.

I arrived to find them unaware of my signing, and they had NO copies of my book on hand to sell, much less sign, had I stayed.

Again — really sorry, you guys! My apologies!


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Signing 11/16 at Spanish Fort BAM

Just a reminder that BAM rescheduled my October signing to this Saturday, from 1 to 3, at the Spanish Fort location.  The books make great Christmas gifts, for kids as well as adults!

If you already have a copy and are in the area, I’ll also be very happy to talk ghosts, give you a signed bookplate or just visit if you drop in.  A blog reader submitted a comment last week about dealing with ghost troubles, and I replied to it — but worth repeating here that there is help available. So I’m happy to talk with you about that, too. Hope to meet you there! 

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Ghostly Mobile in Pictures!


 Click right here for a wonderful, spooky article from photojournalist Sharon Steinmann!

Sharon toured some of our ghostly locations, took gorgeous photos and filed this for Al.com, which also features special ghost star, Mobile Ghosts blog favorite pal,  the great James Rosier… great job!




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Signing at BAM in Mobile on 10/26/13: Ghost books make great gifts!

Haunted Mobile by Elizabeth Parker

I’m signing Haunted Mobile  this weekend — Saturday, 1:00 to 3:00, at the Bel Air Mall location of BAM. Please come see me if you’re at the mall, even if you don’t need a book! Jason Lawton from the Delta Paranormal Project will be there if you’d like to get some advice on investigating, meet this local team, or ask questions about the stuff you’ve seen on TV shows about ghost hunting.

I’d love to meet you and I’m working toward writing a new ghost book next year, so if you’ve got a personal story, let’s connect. 

A personalized book makes a great gift, not just from the Great Pumpkin but Santa, too. It’s also a unique hostess gift for the holiday parties you’ll be invited to, or for new homeowners (if you know them well. Cough, cough.)

You can also combo the book with other things to make a haunted basket– something

A copy of Haunted Mobile would fit in a plastic pumpkin. Fun!

hot to drink and yummy to eat, a cozy blanket to hide under if necessary, a magnifying glass for examining those ghost photos close up and a flashlight in case the lights mysteriously go out…

If you miss me, the Spanish Fort BAM has rescheduled for Saturday, November 16 at the same time – 1:00 to 3:00.  Hope to see you at one or the other!


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Ghostly Family Fun at Gulf Shores!

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BAM Signing at Spanish Fort RESCHEDULED

Haunted Mobile by Elizabeth Parker

You guys, I found out late this afternoon that BAM wants to reschedule the signing for this Saturday, the 12th, at the Spanish Fort location. It will now take place in November.

The signing on the 26th of October in Mobile, as far as I know, is still on. But I’ll let you know if that gets changed, too. 

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